6 Formulae to Make the Hair Naturally Beautiful

The hair is a charm of every woman. Many women spend a lot of time in the beauty salon attending the course on sauna and many other steps in order to have their hair beautiful. The truth is that many vegetables and fruits around us are able to improve the condition of the hair unbelievably. What you need to do is simply paying attention to details and spare a little time, then you are able to take care of your hair tope shining brilliantly without having to pay a lot of money any further.

Simply take 2 ripe fruits of banana, crush them to fine particles, then’mix with 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Stir the mixture to become homogeneous creamy texture. Apply it on the entire hair and scalp by rubbing to stimulate the scalp. Leave it for 15 minutes, then wash it off with soda water, then apply shampoo and hair conditioner. Do it once every week, your hair will be shiny and beautiful.

The mixture includes 2 cups of corn -seed slices. 1/2 cup of boiled corn water, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, and 2 tablespoons of aloe jelly. The method to prepare the mixture is by taking corn -seed slices and boiled corn water to crush into fine particles. Then filter to obtain the filtrate and crush along with aloe jelly and olive oil once again before taking it to apply it to the scalp. Use a small towel or plastic bag to cover the hair for 30 minutes, then apply shampoo and hair conditioner. Do this once a week.

Pound mature ginger by adding 2 – 3 tablespoons of coconut oil. Wrap it in muslin cloth and use it to massage the head for 15-20 minutes, then wash the hair with clean water. Such a compress stimulates the root of the hair to sprout new healthy hair.

Burn 2 fruits of kaffir lime until soft then smash them to obtain their juice to mix with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. 2 teaspoons of sesame oil. 1 egg, then Stir to mix them thoroughly. Rub the hair with the prepared kaffir lime shampoo to ‘ferment’ the hair and scalp, and massage gently. Leave it for 20-30 minutes, then wash it off with regular shampoo. Repeat once a week. The hair will turn dark, soft and shiny without dandruff.

Pound fresh ‘Boraphet’ until completely broken into small pieces’and put an adequate quantity of water used in cleaning rice grain for cooking. Leave it for a while, then filter to obtain the filtrate. Use it to ferment the hair for 15 minutes, then wash it off. Repeat it once a week. It will help to reduce hair drop and premature grey hair.

The ingredient includes 2 cups of chopped angled -gourd, boiled water, 3 tablespoons of aloe jelly and 3 tablespoons of sesame oil. The preparation procedure is by crushing the chopped angle -gourd in the blenderwith boiled water until the mixture is in fine particles, then filter to obtain the filtrate. Add aloe jelly and sesame oil together to make hair lotion. Massage the scalp with the lotion for 10 minutes and leave it to ferment for another 30 minutes. Wash off with regular shampoo. This will make your hair more slippery and shiny.

In addition, there is also an easy method to make your hair in better condition. This is done by Combing your hairregularly using a wooden comb to prevent static electricity. While you comb, use the comb’s rib to massage the scalp to stimulate blood circulation in order to make the hair strong with shiny and un-entangled hairs.